Ingenieurbüro Dr.-Ing. Schoop GmbH

Specialists for automation and development of technical sofware.

Project planning

Visualisation, Control


Long-term archiving

Process simulation

SCADA-system WinErs with soft-SPS


Process data gateway

Software development

Technical data-bases

Closed-loop control Engineering


Process engineering

Training systems

Working with WinErs



  • SchoOPC-Server and WinErs driver now supporting OPC UA
  • WinErs 7: Now supporting UNICODE (international character sets) and large signal partitions
  • Didactical software BioProcessTrainer  to learn the behaviour and operation of bio reactors.
  • Process data-gateway: The gateway is a software solution, that allows flexible exchange of data between different process interfaces.
  • WinErs: Find all news about our SCADA-system WinErs in the WhatsNew-file.


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Ingenieurbüro Dr.-Ing.Schoop GmbH