WinErs is a modular process automation system. WinErs is used as a flexible and cost-effective process control and simulation system equally for industrial, didactical and research applications.


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Process visualisation,

Open and closed loop control,





Data acquisition,

and as complete process control system on PC basis (SCADA),

or as a simulation system for dynamic systems with various process interfaces

Visualisation: Complete process monitoring and operation via user edited grafical surface

  • complete monitoring,
  • supervision, and operating of the process via the user-defined graphical interface,
  • numerical displays,
  • text displays,
  • bar graphs,
  • signal-dependent icons,
  • trend charts,
  • switches,
  • buttons,
  • edit fields for signals and controller parameters
  • extension of the functionality with user-programmed blocks (DLL blocks)

Measurement and data acquisition: Individually adjustable storing methods with a storage period from 1ms

  • standard
  • cyclic
  • long term
  • event-dependent
  • variable representation of the measured values
  • online export of the measured data via DDE interface
  • offline export of the data as text file
  • archivation features

Process control:(Soft-SPS): Simple grafical editing of controls and simulations via block structures, logic plans and GRAFCET no programming necessary.


  • graphical input of controls with block structures
  • extensive block library with analog and binary standard blocks
  • standard controllersr P, I, PI, PID arbitrarily connectable
  • flow control with function plans
  • fuzzy controller with graphical development interface
  • user-definable blocks (differential equation systems, function generators)
  • adaptive controllers
  • program generator for recipes
  • C- and Pascal- interface for custom control algorithms (DLL block)

GRAFCET: Set up sequence control with GRAFCET according to DIN EN 60848

  • graphical editor
  • online-debugger for GRAFCET

GRAFCET is a graphic description language that describes the logical behaviour and operation of a control system. As a follower of the function block diagram according to DIN 40719 it is mainly used in automation engineering, chemical engineering and process engineering.

GRAFCET is similar to the sequential function chart (SFC) according to EN 61131 for PLCs, but is on a higher level of abstraction.

The SCADA-system WInErs and allows graphical entering of GRAFCET charts. The integrated soft-PLC translates these charts directly in a sequence control.

Multi user administration: administration of users with hierarchical rights

  • password protection
  • individual layouts

Alarms: management of up to one million alarm messges

  • classification of the messages in five groups from operating to error messages
  • output of the messages on a message printer
  • alarm archives with extensive filter capability
  • usage of alarms as signals in block structures

Protocols: powerful protocol editor for designing of individual protocols

  • time-controlled, manual or event-controlled (signal-dependent) triggering of the protocols
  • automatic printout

Recipes: access on all signals and parameters

  • structured definition of recipes through employment of subrecipes

Batch-Rezepturen: Einfache grafische Erstellung von Ablaufsteuerungen, insbesondere Rezepturabläufen durch Verkettung von Grundoperationen und Weiterschaltbedingungen (Transitionen) nach IEC 1131
  • Häufig wechselnde Abläufe können in der Runtimeversion vom Kunden selbst erstellt und konfiguriert werden

COM-Interface: COM automation server, completely implementable in Visual Basic and Delphi

  • schedule for triggering tasks in WinErs (e.g. measurement data archiving, print tasks)
  • scheduler for various jobs (e.g. print jobs, data archivation)

Client-server-architecture: WinErs can be configured in the network as a single or a multi-station system

  • accessto the server task via DDE, PC-network, serial interface for remote access

Message driver:

  • automatic transmission of errors and alarms as messages to cellular phones, pagers (Scall, Quix), fax machines, and mail servers

Process interfaces:

  • OPC-Server
  • OPC-Client
  • Web-Server
  • DDE-Server
  • Industrial Ethernet (TCP/IP- Modbus)
  • PC cards
  • H1-Bus
  • ODBC-Data base interface
  • 3964R
  • AS511
  • MPI interface
  • serial interfaces
  • EtherCat (PC network)
  • BACnet
  • S5, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500, LOGO! 0BA7 und LOGO! 0BA8
  • Telecontrol protocol (IEC -60870-5)
  • Open driver interface
  • Adjustable to any device or process
  • And many more, please contact us for further information.



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