We built up open and closed-loop control systems with our SCADA-system WinErs.

The complete automation runs on a PC, hence no additional PLC is necessary and you may easily monitor the automation. The usual process interface is is a field bus system with ethernet connection over TCP/IP Modbus or EtherCat.

  • We optimise closed-loop control systems. The Optimisation of control systems includes tasks from simply optimising control parameters to extensivly analysing the behaviour of your plant. In some cases it is useful to describe the system mathematically and try the control system in a simulation, before commissioning it on th real plant.
  • Due to the close connection between control engineering and simulation engineering we develop process simulations, with wich you may test your control system before commisioning the plant.


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Application Examples:

Examples for visualisation, controlling and pross data archiving may be found in WinErs Demo Version. (download is possible after registration)

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