With our Bio-Refit Box (or process enginnering box) and our Software WinErs-Bio it is possible to make a new automation for existing plants or bioreactors and to run them with a PC.

Because every reactor has different demands (e.g.  old or new dosing pumps, redox, ventilation valves) we customise the electronics and software for your reactor. The electronic box Bio-Refit (or process engineering box) involves measuring amplifiers for sensors (O2, pH, redox, temperature, conductivity) and control for pumps, stirrer etc..

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PC and Bio-Box are connected with a network cable.

The software WinErs (WinErs-Bio) runs under Windows XP/7/8. With this software you may fully monitor, operate and control your plant. All measured data is stored, so that it can be graphically or statistically analalysed later or exported to Excel.

The electronic box aswell as the software WinErs is not only used for plants in biotechnology but aswell for process engineering plants like mixing container reactors, distillation plants etc..